Externships and Internships

At Wilson Veterinary Hospital we offer externship and internship opportunities and experiences for veterinary students, veterinary technician students and veterinary assistant students.

Many individuals who participate in our externship and internship training programs go on to find permanent employment at Wilson Veterinary Hospital.

Veterinary Student Externship Opportunities

Wilson Veterinary Hospital has hosted veterinary student externs from multiple US veterinary schools as well as the University of Guelph in Canada, and The University of Glasgow Veterinary School, in Scotland. Veterinary student externs can choose to participate in specific areas of our practice, or obtain an experience a mix of mulitple aras.  We offer specific experiences in the following veterinary fields:
  1. Small Animal Theriogenology (Reproduction)
  2. Small Animal Emergency and Intensive Care
  3. Small Animal General and Advanced Surgery (including soft tissue, orthopedic and laparoscopic surgery)
  4. Small Animal General Practice
  5. Small Animal Rehabilitation (including hydrotherapy, acupuncture and chiropractics)


Testimonials from past veterinary student externs:

“During my externship at WVH, my goals included learning more about surgical procedures, anesthesia, and practice hands-on surgical skills whenever possible. Dr. Vitale and his highly educated team allowed me to reach my goals and so much more. I scrubbed in on a variety of orthopedic, general, laparoscopic, and even emergency surgeries.

Although I was a student shadow, my experience was highly interactive, and I seldom was only observing. With the team’s guidance, I was able to practice physical skills in surgery, such as surgical scrubbing, draping, intraoperative tissue handling, using surgical instruments, ligation, and suturing. I felt welcomed by everyone at WVH, and I was very comfortable asking questions. Those questions were always answered thoughtfully and knowledgeably by Dr. Vitale and his team. Dr. Vitale was very encouraging, and I was able to push myself to learn and apply my skills beyond my previous levels of confidence. WVH also showcased a hospital that is constantly updating its facilities and procedures to stay up to date with medical and surgical advances.

I cannot say enough good things about the people and environment at WVH as a learning student. I now feel much more prepared for my third year Junior Surgery and my approaching clinical rotations. I interned under the instruction of only one of their talented doctors in one area of the hospital, but I believe there is something for every small animal focused veterinary medical student to learn at Wilson Veterinary Hospital”

-Brianne G., DVM Student, University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine

Veterinary Technician Externship/Internship Opportunities

Wilson Veterinary Hospital has been host to multiple veterinary technician externs and interns from veterinary technician training programs from across Michigan and the Midwest. Veterinary technician students gain experience throughout our hospital. Student externs will learn key skills vital to being an efficient and skilled veterinary technician. Based on comfort level and skill, students will be taught by qualified veterinary technicians and veterinarians. Many externs and interns continue their training after their experiences being offered more permanent positions within the hospital after their experience or graduation.

Testimonials from past veterinary technician externs and interns:

” As an intern, starting in an emergency setting was nerve racking and intimidating. However, when I started at Wilson Veterinary Hospital I was immersed in invaluable hands-on experience and mentally and physically challenged in the best possible way. Being surrounded by a wide pool of knowledgeable and passionate professionals, eager to both teach and learn while providing compassion and quality care to our communities’ pets. Assistants, LVT, and DVM are all held to the same level of respect and standards in their respective roles. While going through my experience of studying for my board exams, I was met with support and encouragement from every angle, which fostered a foundation for success in becoming an LVT. Now every day is something new, and I handle the high-pressure, fast-pace of ever-changing crises with confidence. Whether it’s administering life-saving treatments or easing anxious pet owners, learning a new surgical procedure, or finding a wandering stray their forever home. The DVM owned practice ensures that every change and step implemented truly is in the best interest of all involved. The variety of departments, as well as the real time diagnostics adds to the ability to learn and connect. The passion for animal healthcare and ability to continually learn and grow is felt every day I walk through the hospital doors.”

– Taryn A. LVT

“Wilson’s is a large, fast-paced hospital with so many different areas and so many employees. I was nervous to start- wondering if I was cut out for emergency vet med. What I was met with was so much kindness, understanding and an atmosphere that thrived on learning. They are a place where you can be open to ask questions. They have the ability and willingness to show you. You can practice and do the skills hands on which helped me immensely. On days when school made me want to quit… Wilson’s reminded me why I truly didn’t want to.”

– Taylor H. Veterinary Technician (Intern )

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the owners and staff of Wilson Veterinary Hospital. I am an unlikely addition to their practice. I am a retired Fire Fighter/Paramedic who had the great fortune to have my pet get outstanding care in the North Macomb Rehabilitation. While receiving care I was again fortunate to have a deeply caring and understanding therapist who found out I was to retire and planted the seed of becoming a veterinary technician.

After my retirement I began to pursue my education in veterinary technician at Macomb Community College. As one of my requirements I needed to complete an internship. Wilson’s was gracious enough to offer me an opportunity to complete it at their hospital. The vast array of opportunities within the Wilson system exposed me to almost every possible area of the veterinary services.

The chance to participate in rehabilitation, surgery, emergency and urgent care, reproduction, laboratory, and general practice opened my eyes to the true breadth of services they offer. Following my internship, I was privileged to be offered an opportunity to become part of the Wilson Hospital team and could not be more pleased.

Having spent almost 40 years in human medicine and now being able to be a part of the veterinary healthcare system is truly a humbling experience. The opportunities provided to me at Wilson’s are mind blowing. The ability to have gracious, humble, and personable DVMs, LVTs, VAs, KAs, and all the administrative support staff to mentor me is wonderful. I truly cannot imagine working anywhere else.

I cannot say enough about the work environment, the support of colleagues, the openness of the doctors to share their knowledge and expertise. I would encourage anyone that is looking for a caring, nurturing and supportive workplace, to absolutely seek the opportunity to become a member of the Wilson Veterinary Hospital team. Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience with you.”

– Tim B., Veterinary Technician (Intern)

“When I was in high school, my intention was to become a mechanical engineer. That meant 3 years of computer aided design, physics, and calculus classes, complete with an internship in the design department of a manufacturing and supply company that made certain car components. While I enjoyed these topics conceptually and was fairly competent in their use, I ended up realizing pretty quickly that I would probably be unhappy if I continued on that path and devoted a large portion of my time to that field. So, I went into college with no idea what I wanted to do with myself anymore, and only after about 2 years did I consider joining the veterinary technician program at my school.

My point in saying any of this is that when I started at Wilson’s, I was about a year into the tech program and had completed a single internship during that time. I had virtually no experience in veterinary medicine other than what I had learned in class so far or been able to see at that internship. I was still just getting used the mindset of medicine, replacing the cold practicality of measurement and mechanics that I was used to with the patience, observance, knowledge required to provide aid to a living being that cannot voice its own ails. Even when I was initially offered to interview at WVH, I had no idea I would be in the emergency building. I was unsure at first due to my limited experience, but I can now confidently say that there was no better decision I could have made. The sheer volume and variety of cases seen there have given me an opportunity to see in person many of the diseases and procedures that were discussed in my classes, which was crucial to my commitment of information to memory as well as the development of my understanding of veterinary medicine as a whole. Similarly, being able to work with a large number of experienced veterinarians that frequently communicate and collaborate on cases has been invaluable to me and my ability to grasp the reasoning behind why we choose or avoid certain treatments for our patients.

Apart from just what I have been able to see and learn, my own abilities have improved greatly since starting at WVH as well. I think at my first internship I was able to attempt intravenous catheter placement a total of twice in about 2 months. In my first week at Wilson’s I had already done triple that number. With such a great number of patients both in hospital and walking in to be treated, there is more than ample opportunity to improve at “core” tech skills like blood draws, restraint, and IVC placement, especially considering all of the input and advice from the other experienced technicians, whose assistance and patience with me up to this point I am extremely grateful for. With their help over the last nearly 11 months, I would say I have learned just as much, if not more, about the role of a technician and how to care for patients as I did in school. That includes not just “core” skills, but also some of the more specialized, patient specific treatments that I have been fortunate enough to be a part of.

Now, after receiving my license, I still feel as if I have only just barely dented the surface of all there is to learn about veterinary medicine and the intricacies of complex patient care, but I know I am at least on the right path to keep learning and improving. I think with the opportunities I am faced with at work every day, combined with guidance from knowledgeable and skilled technicians and veterinarians who genuinely seem to care about the welfare of the animals whose care they are entrusted with, I can safely look forward to becoming the medical professional that clients expect and patients deserve.”

-John G. LVT

Veterinary Assistant Internship Opportunities 

Wilson Veterinary Hospital partners with Ross Medical Education Centers across Southeast Michigan to provide hands on experiences for veterinary assistants in training. Likewise, our staff serve on their Academic Advisory Board Commitee providing educational lectures and tours of our facilities. Many interns stay with us to continue employment past their internship experiences.
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