Our rehabilitation services can benefit pets.

Pet Rehabilitation

Our rehabilitation services can benefit dogs working through a variety of conditions, including post-surgical recovery, arthritis, and weight loss management, to name a few. A full list of our services can be seen below:

  • Hydrotherapy – To aid in recovery from spinal or orthopedic surgery, to help manage weight loss and general conditioning, and to improve comfort to patients with arthritis.
  • Cold Laser – This can help promote healing in wound care and decrease inflammation associated with arthritis and soft tissue injuries.
  • Therapeutic stretches and exercises-for-home programs – To help increase strength and muscle tone, improve range of motion, and help improve proprioception
  • Orthopedic brace measurements
  • Front and rear cart measurements

Visit our North Macomb Canine Rehabilitation & Conditioning website for more details on our rehabilitation services.

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