Our ovulation timing services help to increase litter size and productivity.

MCRS (Michigan Canine Reproduction Services) is a division of Wilson Veterinary Hospital that was instituted in 1996. MCRS was founded to provide the highest quality reproductive care and consultation. Our services range from ovulation timing and breeding management to semen preservation and management of reproductive diseases and disorders. Our facility provides 24-hour care to best manage critical cases and reproduction emergencies, including dystocia, pyometra, and serious postpartum conditions.

Available Services:

  • Ovulation Timing and Breeding Consultation
  • Artificial insemination (vaginal, transcervical, and surgical)
  • Infertility Management
  • Semen Evaluation
  • Chilled Semen shipments
  • Semen Freezing and On-site Storage (AKC Approved Freezing Center)
  • Progesterone testing (in-house and lab)
  • Brucellosis Testing
  • Pre-breeding evaluations
  • High-Risk Pregnancy management
  • C-sections (scheduled and emergency)
  • Post-partum Management
  • Reproductive Diseases/Disorders Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Health Testing — OFA and PennHip
  • 24 Hour Hospitalization
  • Tube Feeding Instruction
  • Neonatal Specialists
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