We are Open 24 Hours for Emergencies


We are proud to offer a wide array of services for your pet. From preventative medicine and advanced diagnostics to keep your pet healthy to emergency care and advanced surgery, we have the right veterinarian to help your through all stages of life.

Preventative Medicine

Staying healthy starts with comprehensive preventative care. We offer routine wellness exams, vaccinations, and parasite screening and prevention for your pets.

Dental Care

Routine examinations of your pet’s oral health is important to preventing periodontal disease, which can affect more than just your pets mouth.


We offer a wide array of the most advanced animal diagnostics and testing.


We are proud to offer certified canine rehabilitation and conditioning services to our clients.

24-hour ER

We offer 24-hour emergency service to provide care for your pet when you need it most.


We are a 24 hour care facility, with the ability to hospitalize your pet when needed while diagnostics and treatments are being performed.

Soft Tissue Surgery

From spays and neuters to advanced and emergency surgeries, we have a team of veterinarians that can provide your pet with the best surgical care.

Orthopedic Surgery

We have excellent trained staff and advanced surgical equipment to perform orthopedic surgeries.

Laparoscopic Surgery

We are one of the few general practices that provide minimally invasive laparoscopic (“keyhole”) surgeries.

Vimago 3D Imaging

We believe that staying on the cutting edge of new technological advances helps us provide a thorough level of patient care.


Synovetin OA is a different kind of treatment for canine elbow arthritis. With Synovetin OA, 1 treatment is all it takes to give your dog up to 1 year of pain relief.

Online Pharmacy

Great prices on all your pets' medicine needs, shipped directly to your home.