Chilled Semen Shipment

Our Reproduction department is able to get your dog’s semen where it needs to go! At an appointment for a “collect and ship,” your dog’s semen will be collected, processed and extended, then packaged for overnight shipping to anywhere in the US or Canada. Our preferred extender is Fresh Express by Zoetis.

Payment to Fed Ex is separate from payment to the hospital. Either the shipping or receiving party will need to provide a Fed Ex account number to pay for shipping charges. If unable or wanting to use another shipping service, you may take the package to a shipping center and pay in person.

If you are a male dog owner, please notify us once the bitch you will be shipping to comes into heat. This allows us to anticipate that an appointment will need to be scheduled for you. Please keep in mind that all male dogs receiving breeding services need a reproduction exam once yearly and a current rabies vaccination. Once the owner of the bitch indicates semen needs to be shipped, call us as soon as possible to set up your appointment.

If you are a female dog owner planning on using chilled semen, we recommend timing the breeding with progesterone testing. This can be discussed with your doctor at your pet’s reproduction exam. Please do not have semen shipped until indicated by our reproduction team.

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