Vimago 3D Imaging

We’re pleased to offer our patients Vimago High-Definition Volumetric Imaging™️.

Pet Vimago 3D Imaging

At Wilson Veterinary Hospital, we’re pleased to offer our patients Vimago High-Definition Volumetric Imaging™️. We believe that staying on the cutting edge of new technological advances helps us provide a thorough level of patient care. Vimago™️ allows us now take incredibly detailed 3-D images of your pet’s anatomy. In fact, Vimago™️ is so advanced that it also has onboard Digital Radiography and Fluoroscopy, which allows us to create real-time, moving x-ray images to help better enable diagnosis and aid us with surgical outcomes. Vimago™ uses considerably less radiation than other devices, which decreases your pet’s radiation exposure time compared to other imaging techniques. Some of the things Vimago™️ allows us to view at great depth include:

  • Skull
  • Thorax
  • Abdomen
  • Dentistry
  • Foreign bodies
  • Orthopedics such as fractures, lesions, and limb deformities
  • Diagnostic fluoroscopies, such as swallow studies and collapsing tracheas


HDVI™ (High-Definition Volumetric Imaging) is a new, proprietary, and patented imaging technology, similar to CT (Computed Tomography), that provides unprecedented diagnostic and interventional information for clinicians. HDVI™ data can provide resolution as small as 0.09mm (about the thickness of a human hair). Clinicians can see the data at any angle, thickness, or orientation. The results are superior diagnostic confidence – and why HDVI™ is the new standard for primary imaging. REASONS VIMAGO™ IMAGING IS RECOMMENDED:

  • Dentistry
  • Tumors: identification and assessment
  • Trauma
  • Foreign bodies
  • Discovering abnormalities anywhere in the body
  • To assist in surgical planning

Diagnostic Fluoroscopy may be used for: coughing, swallow studies, shunts, collapsing tracheas, and more. If you have questions about Vimago™️ or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us today at (586) 752-6217.

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