We are now offering Synovetin.

We are now offering Synovetin OA®

Synovetin OA is a different kind of treatment for canine elbow arthritis. With Synovetin OA, one treatment is all it takes to give your dog up to 1 year of pain relief. Synovetin OA is dosed directly into the elbow joint and targets the source of the inflammation that leads to pain and causes your dog to limp.

Very Easy

Just one simple outpatient treatment

Very Safe

Unlike traditional arthritis medicines for dogs, Synovetin OA is non-systemic

Very Long Lasting

Up to a year of pain relief

Very Convenient

No more of the headaches and safety concerns of daily pills or chews

This procedure can only be performed by licensed veterinarians at veterinary hospitals permitted to use internal radiation therapy. Discomfort in the treated elbow of some dogs has been reported and can last up to 72 hours after treatment. Short-term home-care instructions must be followed after treatment to minimize extended close contact, such as co-sleeping. To review the full veterinary prescribing information, visit

All that’s required is a sedative, and then our specially trained and licensed veterinarians will treat your dog’s affected joint(s) with a dose of Synovetin OA.

Dogs can generally go home the same day and return to whatever level of activity they are comfortable with, while Synovetin OA goes to work to reduce the pain and inflammation of arthritis.

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