Health Testing

Wilson Veterinary Hospital encourages the breeding of healthy animals only. When considering a breeding prospect, dogs should be fit, properly vaccinated, and parasite free. It is also advised that pets be free of heritable conditions such as allergies. To breed responsibly, all dogs should complete health testing prior to breeding. Regardless of the intention for breeding – a pet dog, a working dog, a dog competing in conformation or sport dog events – these tests are advised.

Pre-breeding testing is recommended for all dog breeds. This is beyond a normal physical exam from a veterinarian; these tests evaluate for specific conditions or diseases. The type of tests recommended varies by breed. The best way to know what tests are advised is to visit your breed club’s page or find your breed on the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals.

To find your breed’s page on OFA, click HERE.
To find your dog’s breed club, search “_your breed here__ club of America.”

Offered at Wilson Veterinary Hospital are the following Health Tests:

We are also able to offer some additional testing, such as Tracheal Hypoplasia, OCD of the Shoulder, Sebaceous Adenitis, and Legg-Calf-Perthes. Records and data for the Dentition Database, Serum Bile Database, and Spine Database can also be collected here.

Twice yearly, we hold health clinics to provide OFA exams for Cardiac disease and Eye diseases. A board-certified cardiologist and ophthalmologist join us for these clinics to test pets.

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