Pregnancy Termination (Accidental Breeding)

Accidental breedings can happen quickly; we are here to help. There is no “day after” treatment approved for dogs in the United States. Options for accidental breeding are spaying, medical abortion, or to whelp and raise the litter.

If you do not wish to keep your female intact, a time-sensitive spay can be scheduled. This is best when performed as soon as possible after the accidental mating. There are added risks with spaying a pregnant dog due to the increased blood supply to the ovaries and uterus. These concerns will be discussed prior to surgery. Additional surgical monitoring or preoperative measures may be recommended to keep your pet safe.

If you would like to keep your bitch intact for future breeding, she will receive an ultrasound at 30 days post breeding to confirm pregnancy. If pregnant, she will be admitted to the hospital for medical pregnancy termination. This is an involved process and will require a multiple day stay. If wishing to keep the litter, further discussion with your reproduction doctor can help prepare you for whelping.

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